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The Young Performers Association (known as YPA) is a professional body that creates synergy throughout the entertainment industry by bringing together all parties involved in the employment of young performers. The core of our efforts is to safeguard the children and young people whilst ensuring those who employ them fulfil their responsibilities, are informed and compliant.


The YPA supports the belief that it is important for the creation and implementation of a common framework of implementing industry wide best practice throughout all invested parties. To achieve this goal, all parties who are key to safeguarding children in television, film and theatre (amateur and professional) need to work together. At present, when a child is to take part in a performance, currently there are many different organisations involved in the process that deal with a child throughout the casting, licensing to wrap process and eventually broadcast, but not one of these organisations follows the child’s progress to ensure they are protected and safeguarded throughout.  


The YPA believes that this oversight and scrutiny is paramount to the protection of children and young people working in the industry (0-18). By creating industry wide standards for working with children and by engaging with all key partners to support them in embedding these, the YPA can provide advice and support to organisations to ensure children work in a safe environment and develop consistent working practices.



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