Main Committee Members


Lucy Jones - Founder Member, Child Employment Officer, NNCEE Minute Secretary & Secretary of South East & London region (SEAL)

Natalie Barron - Founder Member, Chaperone, Managing Director C4K & Bectu Chaperone & Tutor branch Deputy Chair

Adelle Moss - Founder Member, Child licence co-ordinator, Children’s theatre casting/administration & Founder of AYPA

Caroline Brant - Child Protection & Safeguarding Consultant 

Ellie Samuels - Spotlight Young Performers Consultant

Rachael Fullerton - Child licence co-ordinator 

Aaron Blackmon - Chaperone

Chaperone & Tutor Division Committee Members


Serena Thomas - Chaperone

Natalie Barron - Chaperone

Aaron Blackmon - Chaperone

Louise Watkinson - Chaperone

Karen Barber - Chaperone/Tutor


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